Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Rome Part 2

Whilst the motivation is there and I'm waiting on the figures and buildings to arrive I did recall committing to a Kickstarter a couple of years ago for an amphithetre so to while away the last coupleof nights I rattled through the construction of this.

There's a couple of bits to tidy up after I've sprayed it. Not bad for two nights work and no instructions! Down side was on the last but one section I was one piece missing for the fencing but I will make something out of plasticard.
The company was called Hurlbatt but they appear to have been bought out and this is no longer available. I also found time to build a warbases Villa and walls.

And just so Robbie knows I'm keeping focussed I've just started painting 42 horses to finish off some French cavalry.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Gangs of ROme

Before hunkering back down to 18th century stuff after Christmas a few from the club have pre-ordered some bits and pieces from the forthcoming Footsore miniatures game of 'Gangs of Rome'
Now I knew I had some bits and pieces in the garage for an idea based on the Simon Scarrow novel re a slave rebellion in Crete.
After a short search I found quite a few blisters so over the last two weeks I've managed to complete 52 figures!
All speed painted and there's a handful to go but should let me hit the ground running.

Next up a few buildings and then back to painting Highlanders!